Casey Flynn

Entrepreneur / Software Engineer

I am Co-Founder & CTO @ Cobar Systems

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I currently live in beautiful Boston, Massachusetts.

I’m the CTO & Co-Founder of Cobar Systems, a software, IT services company that provides web based solutions for businesses in the field of continuity management and disaster recovery. We develop intuitive and easy to use software that reduces ancillary business operations so that our clients can focus on their core activities.

Previously I have worked as a software engineer on the iOS development team for Intuit’s TurboTax Snaptax in San Diego, CA, and as the lead software engineer at two Boston-based tech companies, Vox Supply Chain and Indivly. I specialize in the design, development and maintenance of highly scalable and extensible database-driven web applications.

I'm an aficionado of Node.js environment, Google's Angular.js Framework, the Require.js module loading system, JavaScript written via CoffeeScript and the Jade templating language. Feel free to send me a message if you'd like to chat with me about those, or any other technologies listed on this website.

Personal Information

Date of birth
August 4th, 1988
332 Newbury Street
Boston, MA
[email protected]
774 573 4580


2011 - now

Co-Founder & CTO @ Cobar Systems

from October 2011 to now

Boston, MA

Cobar Systems is a B2B service company that provides web-based software solutions in the field of continuity management and disaster recovery. Johann Barlach and Casey Flynn founded Cobar Systems in October 2011 to innovate the way organizations test their recovery strategies.

We sell a web-based management system for testing business continuity plans, ensuring preparedness of employees and answering the question for organizations “Will our recovery plans work during a real business disruption?”. Our system, called Themis, replaces email communication and excel-spreadsheet that are currently used to manage business continuity testing. It automatically distributes, collects and compiles testing data across an organization and tracks if requirements, set by compliance, are met. Engagement of test participants is also improved through its mobile and tablet integration, which allows them to access and input exercise information anytime, anywhere. Unlike competitors, Themis is an application built solely for the purpose of improving preparedness in organizations through exercising.

Cobar Systems's solutions are built with modern web technologies; allowing for our product to load efficiently, remain responsive under high load conditions, be cross-platform and browser compatible, feature real-time communication, and be highly extensible/maintainable by developers.

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2013 - now

Co-Founder & CTO @ ClubbingOwl

from January 2013 to now

Boston, MA

Chief software architect of the Clubbing Owl Venue Management and Marketing System.

Multi-platform & multi-lingual venue & promotion team management system that integrates with the Facebook API to give clients more trackable client data and viral exposure opportunities on Facebook.

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2011 - 2012

Software Engineer @ MessageAMP

from 2011 to 2012

@MassChallenge Incubator in Boston, MA

Design, implement, and maintain scalable and extensible database driven web applications using advanced web development techniques such as load balancing, caching (numerous types), worker-servers, CDNs, etc

2011 - 2011

Software Engineer @ RealAdventures

from January 2011 to June 2011

Boston, MA

  • Developed and test new features and views of using PHP5, SQL, HTML4/5, CSS2/3, Javascript, AJAX, Google Maps API, PayPal APIs, and Facebook APIs
  • Developed map-feature of to give advertisers ability to create and display a map of their listing and relevant POIs using Google Maps API, Javascript, AJAX, MySQL/SQL, PHP, HTML, CSS
  • Developed web-application to automate payments of affiliates using PayPal Adaptive Payments API, PayPal PHP SDK, MySQL/SQL, PHP, Javascript
  • Perform database schema management on MySQL database of

2010 - 2011

Software Engineer Intern @ Intuit Inc

 Manager Evaluation

"Comments: We highly recommend Casey as a SW Engineer to any employer"

from 2010 to 2011

San Diego, CA

  • Developed/tested software (‘SnapTax’ and ‘ItsDeductible') for iPhone/iOS using Xcode and Objective-C
  • Integrated ‘SnapTax’ with Facebook using Facebook’s APIs & iOS SDK
  • Performed programmatic image-analysis for OCR (Optical Character Recognition) feature of ‘SnapTax’
  • Developed/tested software (‘TimeCatcher’) for Android OS using Eclipse and Java
  • Developed product experience mockups for customer usability-testing using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and PHP


2008 - 2012

Northeastern University

from 2008 to 2012

Dual Major in Computer Science & Business



Programming Languages
C C++ Objective-C Java Ruby PHP5 SQL CSS3 Less JavaScript (in both client and server environments) Regular Expressions XML/HTML ACL2/LISP Dart Jade CoffeeScript
iOS Android Linux (Ubuntu) Unix Mac OS Windows
tmux npm bower yeoman Memcached Redis Gearman Apache2 nginx Varnish Piwik New Relic Navicat Cornerstone svnX GIMP/Photoshop Apple Instruments OpenOffice/MS Office MySQL Workbench WireShark
PHPUnit ExtJS 4 ExpressJS (& Flatiron CodeIgniter Kohana cakePHP Rails (ROR) SocketStream qUnit
jQuery prototype Doctrine ORM AngularJS BackboneJS RequireJS Socket.IO DNode Mustache Hogan EJS
Facebook JS Facebook PHP Paypal Adaptive Payments PHP AWS ECS PHP MailChimp PHP Mandrill PHP Stripe JS & PHP Pusher JS & PHP Google Maps JS (v2 & v3)
Facebook Query Language (FQL) Facebook Graph Facebook REST Google Maps Google Maps Geocoder Amazon ECS SES MailChimp REST Piwik REST
MySQL SQLite MongoDB CouchDB
VIM (preferred) Aptana Xcode emacs NetBeans Eclipse PhpED Visual Studio 2005 Dreamweaver Textmate Sublime Text 2
Git Perforce Subversion
Data Formats
Build Tools
ANT Grunt
Unit Testing Frameworks
jUnit qUnit Mocha busterJS
Continuous Integration UML Diagram Design ER Diagram Design Rackspace VPS AWS (SQS, RDS, ElastiCache, EC2, S3, CloudFront) Heroku PaaS CloudFoundry PaaS CloudFlare PHPFog PaaS CloudControl PaaS APC BitNami dotCloud PaaS Pusher crontab HTML5 Pushstate/History API AGILE/SCRUM GitFlow Methodology


Cobar Systems

Business Continuity Management System


Facebook Integrated Venue Management & Marketing System


Order Tracking/Management System for Suppliers and Recipients of Internationally Shipped Goods


Parrot - A Node.js SPA Server Starter Kit

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